NJPW Announce Innovative New Fan Interactive KOPW 2020 Championship

At a press conference today in Japan, NJPW have announced the creation of a new championship that will be fought under fan-voted rules.


NJPW held a press conference this morning in Japan to announce a brand new championship will soon be introduced to the promotion with a unique, fan-interactive format.

The KOPW 2020 title will be awarded to the winner of an eight man competition that will kick off at August’s Summer Struggle event.

Unlike every other title in the company, and indeed, most of wrestling, the KOPW 2020 title will not have a title belt to represent it and it will also be vacated at the end of each year with a new champion crowned at the start of the year, presumably with a new tournament taking place.

The inaugural champion will be decided in a four way match at a future event. To qualify for this match, a competitor must win a first round one on one match. The twist to this first round is that each of the eight competitors will nominate a stipulation of their choice (be it ladder match, cage match etc) and the fans will vote on which stipulation is used in each match.

Once the initial champion is crowned, all future defences will be contested under stipulations voted on by fans until the end of 2020 when the title will be automatically vacated and the process will begin again for the next year.

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Opinion is sure to be divided on this new championship. Some will admire the innovation or the quirky nature of the competition. Others will dismiss it as gimmicky nonsense.

As always, time will tell which opinion will prove to be correct over the long haul.

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