New WWE Raw Faction Makes Their Presence Felt…Kind Of

WWE promoted the debut of a new faction on Raw last night. Whilst they made their presence felt on the show, fans were left with more questions than answers by night’s end.


Photo Credit: WWE

WWE Tweeted yesterday to announce that a new faction would be making their debut on Raw last night.

Whilst they weren’t fully clear, the wording on the announcement seemed to suggest that the faction would be made up of wrestlers coming up from NXT who would be coming together as a group for the first time.

Fans were keen to see who would be placed in this group and how they would be presented. As it turned out, we didn’t get too many answers.

Early on in the programme, a series of technical difficulties occurred during matches and segments. Lighting failures blighted the Apollo Crews vs. MVP US Title match, with MVP blaming them for his eventual loss.

Microphones cut out during promos, screens glitched and these issues generally made for a nuisance throughout.

Later in the night, we cut to what was supposed to be an outside security camera who caught five hooded individuals petrol bombing a generator outside of the Performance Center.

And that was pretty much that.

It is unclear what vibe WWE are going for with the new stable. It looks like they’re going to be some sort of anti-establishment, nuisance group looking to cause problems across the show, in the grand tradition of the NWO or Nexus.

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Fans will be frustrated that we didn’t get the reveal that we expected. A tease could be found for a number of members for eagle eyed social media followers.

Both Tommaso Ciampa and Dominic Dijakovic have deleted their entire post histories on Twitter and Instagram. Could this be part of the angle?

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