Natalya Talks ThunderDome Move, Calls Tampa “Home Away From Home”

Natalya seems pleased to be back in Tampa for the ThunderDome, and also discusses what she feels about bringing WWE to virtual fans.


The move of the ThunderDome to Tropicana Field in Tampa may have been forced, but seems popular amongst some WWE superstars.

One of those is Natalya, who spent much time growing up in Tampa and, in an interview with Fox News 13, calls the city her “home away from home”.

I’ve lived in Tampa for 12 years, and then I spent most of my childhood in Tampa. I feel like Tampa is like my home away from home.

She talked about the excitement in the roster as they walked in to the new home for WWE television production.

It’s cool because we all walked in today and we were like kids going to school for the first day. We were like it was so exciting.

It has been discussed plenty how WWE have found a way to increase production values whilst having no crowd.

Natalya also commends this, and how WWE can be a release for everyone watching in trying times.

People have been tuning in to us as a release. There’s so much heavy stuff going on in the world, and this is just a great way to take your mind off things, and we’ve made it work. We would love to have fans in our audience, but right now the safest way to do it is virtually.

I think now more than ever people want to feel included, and they want to feel included with the WWE product, and we’re still able to do that during this trying time.

If using this transcription, please credit Fox News 13 with a H/T to Hooked On Wrestling.

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