MVP Seemingly Injured During Six-Man Tag Match On WWE Raw

It would seem a WWE Raw star will be out for an extended period of time if reports on the severity of his injury are to be believed.

Riddle & Lucha House Party vs The Hurt Business

It would seem that a WWE Raw star could be set for an extended spell on the sidelines.

During last night’s six-man tag pitting The Hurt Business against Riddle and Lucha House Party, MVP was seen limping.

It could be rather serious, with Dave Meltzer of PWInsider reporting that it looked like he blew his knee, similar to how Kevin Nash tore his quad during a match.

He also claims that off camera there were support staff helping MVP, although when he appeared on camera he was walking by himself.

MVP appeared on Raw Talk with a set of crutches, and later posted a picture of the crutches himself on Instagram.

It would certainly be a shame, as his rise from coming back for a one-off appearance and working backstage to his current in-ring status has been excellent.

You can see the extent to which MVP was limping in the video below.

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