MVP Planned To Retire This Year, Now Wants To Face Samoa Joe

Everything spiralled for MVP when he returned on what was thought to be a limited run but ended up landing him a production role and now a deal on-screen with The Hurt Business. With SummerSlam approaching, he already has his sights set on future contests.


Photo Credit: WWE

When MVP was brought back in to WWE in a production role earlier this year, and has now transitioned back to an on-screen position with The Hurt Business.

In an interview with Newsweek, MVP said that he planned to retire earlier this year until everything spiralled with his return and gave his reason for taking the opportunities.

It’s one of those things I wasn’t necessarily expecting, especially since making the intention of retiring this year, but as we say in the professional wrestling business, ‘card is subject to change’. The reason that I came back primarily was my son. He’s five, would be six in October, and he became a WWE fan, and I guess [I] wanted to give him a chance to see daddy in WWE. We did the road tour, we did San Antonio [back in January] and that just opened up the doors and I took a position as a producer.

Now heading in to a rematch with Apollo Crews for the United States Championship at SummerSlam, MVP commented on the “coach-ability” of Crews from a production and training perspective.

However, it’s a currently shelved star he would have his sights on facing soon, as he expects us to see the in-ring return of Samoa Joe.

What I understand, ole Samoa Joe is gonna be back in action and over the years Samoa Joe and I have been great friends, but we’ve never ever faced each other. At this stage of my career, I think I feel a lot more confident facing him, knowing that I got Bobby and Shelton backing me up—but I also know that wouldn’t phase Joe in the least.

With Joe starting to be more and more confrontational from commentary, for instance against Seth Rollins, we can hope that this is another key indicator to the imminent return of a popular star.

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