MVP “Absolutely” Wants To Create A New Stable In WWE

Could we see a new supergroup in WWE soon, led by MVP?


Montel Vontavious Porter (better known as MVP) returned at the Royal Rumble in January and has since been managing Bobby Lashley. He has also competed in matches a few times but the majority of his time is spent managing Lashley.

In a recent interview with talkSPORT, however, MVP spoke about the possibility of bringing on more clients to form a stable.

“Absolutely. It’s something I’ve been discussing and let’s see how things go… let’s just say there’s method to my madness! I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised if I can take this… just watch me work! I’ll leave it at that – watch me work.”

This then begs the question of who we could see joining said stable. MVP in the interview spoke about United States Champion Apollo Crews and how MVP helped him and offered advice.

“Apollo Crews has a huge upside and I think one of his biggest attributes is he is coachable. He’s hungry, he wants to be a player and hasn’t come so big for his britches, as the saying goes, that he can’t take direction. You can see the growth and working with me, I told him a long time ago I have a huge personality and if you’re standing in the ring with me and your personality doesn’t shine, you will get completely bladded out by mine.”

Crews is defending the US Title against MVP this Sunday at Extreme Rules: The Horror Show. Could we see him join MVP’s group following this match? Only time will tell.

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