Matt Riddle Wants To ‘Retire Brock Lesnar’

‘The King Of Bros’ Matt Riddle has recently made it clear that he hopes to have a big-money match with Brock Lesnar following their reported confrontations when Riddle joined the company.

Matt Riddle

Photo Credit: WWE

It was a somewhat tumultuous start for Matt Riddle in WWE in terms of personal relationships. It didn’t take him long to rub Brock Lesnar up the wrong way.

‘The King Of Bros’ used social media to get at Lesnar, and it was widely reported that ‘The Beast Incarnate’ was very unhappy with this.

However, having recently spoken to Corey Graves on his After The Bell podcast, it is clear Riddle would still love to face Lesnar, and wants to work to make sure the time and money in the match is right.

I’ll be honest with you.  The guy has it all.  I think he’s taken my comments as like, literal disrespect.  I think he really hates me.  Which, hey, ok.  I get it.  I rubbed you the wrong way.  I told everybody that I get it, I’ll stay away.  I won’t call people out anymore.  I won’t call these people out anymore.  I’m not going to go away.  I’m going to make myself valuable enough to where the money is on the table.  I know I can do that.  When I first started wrestling, when I sold the house and everything, people would ask me what is my goal for wrestling.  I would say that I like to set goals that are almost unattainable because in the process of trying to get to that goal, you’re probably going to be great in the process.  So they asked, what’s your goal?  I want to retire the Undertaker and I want to retire Brock Lesner.  Brock, nothing but the utmost respect and I think my words were taken as disrespectful which is fine, but at the end of the day, I just know what I have to do.  I need to make myself valuable enough to get in the ring with him and I hope I can do it.

Although the dream of retiring The Undertaker has clearly now passed, it is in interesting to hear Riddle strives to reach the level to have that kind of match with Lesnar.

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‘The King Of Bros’ also discussed the moment he realised he needed to train in pro wrestling and make the transition from MMA.

I was watching WrestleMania 30 where Daniel Bryan became the champion and the Undertaker’s streak was broken.  I watched that PPV.  I’m seeing before my eyes that WrestleManias mean something.  I thought, this is a new era.  This brand, this sport is going towards guys like me.

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