Mandy Rose Was With Sonya Deville During Attempted Kidnapping

In further reports of the kidnapping incident this weekend at the home of WWE star Sonya Deville, it transpires that fellow SmackDown wrestler Mandy Rose was also present.

Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville

Further disturbing details have emerged regarding the Sonya Deville attempted kidnapping incident this past weekend courtesy of a court petition reported on by The Tampa Bay Times.

Original media reports about the incident stated that a second person was in the residence with Deville (Real name Daria Berenato) at the time of the incident. It has now been confirmed that this person was Amanda Saccomanno, better known to wrestling fans as Mandy Rose.

24 year old Phillip A. Thomas II was arrested on the scene. He was found to be carrying pepper spray, a knife, zip ties and duct tape. According to Deville, his intention was to hold her hostage for such time it took for her to answer all his questions.

The full account of the incident can be found on the Tampa Bay Times website, but it seems Deville and Rose were only able to escape because Thomas believed they had fled upstairs when actually, they had made their escape from the house by car after the suspect approached Deville in the house and she realised that he was there to harm her, not rob her.

Deville also describes finding messages on her social media pages that she believes are from Thomas. A large number being threatening in nature and some even sent from inside her property. According to the report, one of these even went as far as to say “Look outside, baby, by your pool. I’m here. I’m gonna kill that little bitch you have inside with you.”

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Deville and Rose are both scheduled to appear at WWE SummerSlam on Sunday August 23rd, facing each other in a hair vs. hair match. It goes without saying that both will surely have been affected psychologically by this horrible incident. It remains to be seen whether this will affect their participation in the PPV.

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