Major AEW Star To Take Extended Break From Television

A major AEW star is reported to be taking some time off television in order to film a role in a new TV show based on wrestling.

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Credit: AEW

Last Saturday’s edition of AEW Dynamite saw a significant title change when Mr Brodie Lee defeated Cody to become only the second TNT Champion since the belt’s inception.

After the match, The Dark Order laid waste to the former champion in a sadistic looking beat down that left Cody in a stretcher and neck brace.

Photo Credit: AEW

PWInsider have suggested that the angle is designed to keep Cody off television whilst he plays a key role in the new wrestling themed drama, Heels, being made for the STARZ channel.

The show will star Cody’s friend Stephen Amell who specifically asked for him to take part in the show.

Filming will take place in Georgia for an unconfirmed number of weeks. It will likely be long enough for Mr Brodie Lee and his troops to finally build up the credibility they were sadly lacking until Saturday.

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