Liv Morgan: WWE Network Episode Filming “Way More Real Than I Thought”

Liv Morgan’s documentary launches this weekend on the WWE Network, and she says filming it was “like therapy” for her at times.

Liv Morgan

Picture Credit: WWE

Liv Morgan has been followed by the WWE Network cameras for the last 18 months.

The Riott Squad member will be the focus of ‘Liv Forever’, a documentary launching this Sunday, 29th November.

A year and a half is a lot of time for any wrestler’s career, and Morgan has discussed the rollercoaster ride the filming became.

Speaking with Asbury Park Press, Morgan discusses about how it became a kind of therapy.

As it went on, it almost felt like therapy. Every week I would go meet with the awesome crew I was working with and they’re going to talk to me about my life. It ended up being way more real and raw than I thought.

The show starts documenting from when The Riott Squad were split in the 2019 Superstar Shake-Up.

Morgan felt that this a bit quick for the team to be disbanded.

The first time The Riott Squad was around I feel like we disbanded before we were ready. We were just hitting our stride and then it was taken away.

This time round, it seems she has her sights set on tag team gold.

She’s not the only one, with The Bella Twins interested in coming out of retirement for a shot at the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

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Morgan feels that this is her and Ruby Riott’s destiny at this moment in time.

We’re not taking it lightly at all. We know this might be the last time, and so we are completely focused and have our sights set on becoming the next WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions and we just know we have to make the most of it.

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