Bobby Lashley Vs Apollo Crews In An Arm Wrestling Match On WWE Raw, Mark Henry To Officiate

A unique contest has been added to Raw tonight where the entire ring won’t be needed, but a Hall Of Famer will be to keep an eye on proceedings.

Apollo Crews vs Bobby Lashley - With Mark Henry

Plenty has come out of SummerSlam last night to lead us in to this week’s events before Payback, and WWE have just added another stipulated contest to the mix.

After retaining the United States Championship against MVP at the biggest show of the summer, Apollo Crews will now battle Bobby Lashley in an arm wrestling match.

Furthermore, WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry will be on hand to officiate the contest.

The way this plays out will be interesting, after Lashley was credited for putting Crews on the shelf with his full nelson earlier this year.

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