Kevin Owens Confirms Loss Of Family Member To Coronavirus

Kevin Owens confirms the death of a family member to Covid-19, which goes a long way to explaining him missing Raw last week.

Kevin Owens

An emotional two-minute Twitter video has been released by Kevin Owens explaining his absence from WWE Raw last week.

Owens confirms in the video that his wife’s grandfather tragically passed away after contracting Covid-19, and that it had been a difficult time for the whole family.

A specific source of pain came from the family having to watch the funeral via Zoom, and not being able to be there to support each other in person.

Owens also used the video as an opportunity to encourage people to wear masks and continue social distancing. He also commented that if you decide not to, you should not put others down for their choices.

“If you’re going to choose not to do those things, please have the decency not to admonish, belittle and talk down to people who take those steps. I’ve seen a lot of that lately and it’s kind of sickening. Let’s not think we’re better than anyone else.”

Owens has joined the likes of Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn in being granted time off for personal reasons during the pandemic.

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