Kevin Nash Praises WWE’s COVID-19 Testing Policy

WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash has had strong words against those who don’t feel the company are doing enough to protect their talent.

Kevin Nash

After seeing an article online talking about WWE not doing an adequate job when it comes to testing for COVID-19, legendary WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has opened up about his experience with the WWE’s process.

Nash explained in a tweet that he disagrees with the article, and feels that every time he has been involved he has quarantined in a hotel room after being tested. When his test came back positive he was sent directly home to quarantine.

Having a WWE Hall of Famer come out and back up the company during this pandemic will come as a big relief for the company and also the fans.

WWE have refrained from even mentioning the words ‘COVID-19’ until this past week where WWE Champion Drew McIntyre cut a promo from home saying he had tested positive.

Hopefully now they have mentioned it on Monday Night Raw and Nash has spoken about his experience it will help more people believe that WWE is taking this pandemic seriously and they want to look after all their stars no matter their position on the show.

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