Kevin Nash And AJ Styles Confirm Positive COVID Tests

Two former WWE World Champions have today confirmed that they have suffered the effects of COVID-19, following on from The Rock’s announcement yesterday.

Kevin Nash

The Rock has recently confirmed that members of his family, himself included, have tested positive for Coronavirus.

Making the announcement on Twitter, WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash responded, whilst also confirming that he and his family been in a similar position.

Furthermore, AJ Styles has commented during his Twitch stream that he had a positive Coronavirus test around a month ago, calling himself “one of the lucky ones” with how mild his symptoms were.

I tested positive a couple of weeks ago, almost a month, I think, ago. I feel for people who have to deal with this. I gotta say, I didn’t have many problems with it. Hopefully The Rock and his family are safe and nobody has too bad of symptoms. It’s not good for anybody. I went through it, I was one of the lucky ones. I had a headache, but never had a fever. Maybe a couple of boogers, that’s about it.

Styles has since appeared on the last three episodes of Smackdown, so it would appear he is well beyond the contagious stage given the testing now in place within WWE.

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