Keith Lee Makes WWE Raw Debut: Big Character Change Incoming?

Keith Lee made an explosive start on his WWE Raw debut last night. But what plans are in store for the former NXT Champion going forward?

Randy Orton vs Keith Lee

Photo Credit: WWE

The now former NXT Champion Keith Lee made his debut last night in grand fashion.

Interrupting a Randy Orton promo, ‘Limitless’ challenged The Viper to a match that ultimately came to fruition later in the night. The match ended with a disqualification win for Orton when WWE Champion Drew McIntyre attacked Orton in revenge for an earlier ambush.

It is clear that Lee is being treated as a big deal from the off. In addition to this debut, it has also been announced that he will be facing Randy Orton in a rematch at Payback this Sunday.

Long term wrestling observers though will have picked up on an interesting theme from Lee’s screen time on Raw. During all his segments there were repeated references to he and Drew McIntyre being good friends. It wasn’t subtle and if wrestling history is any indication, it may be foreshadowing a heel turn in the near future. This viewpoint is backed up by a report on who claim sources within WWE plan on making Lee a powerhouse heel.

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