Kane Reveals Why He Wore Full Gear And Mask For Undertaker’s Farewell

Was it a rib on Kane at Survivor Series for The Undertaker’s Final Farewell. The Big Red Machine has finally explained all…

Brothers Of Destruction - Kane And The Undertaker

Whilst fans were touched by WWE’s tribute to The Undertaker at Survivor Series, one part left fans confused.

Everyone came to the ring in their normal clothes – except Kane.

The Big Red Machine was in full ring gear and wearing his signature mask.

Many speculated that it must have been a backstage rib, but it would seem there was a far more simple explanation.

Speaking on The Two Man Power Trip podcast, Kane explained it was the plan all along.

No, no, no. I was supposed to [be in ring gear]. Yeah, here’s the thing: Kane is Kane and despite different incarnations and all that, that was the reason for that because Kane and Undertaker I think, you know, pulled back the veil somewhat and sometimes we forget that.

But that’s kind of what separates them I think from a lot of the other formers is the fact that they’re truly characters and I know people speculated [but] that was the plan all along so, some of those things I think sometimes people [begin] speculating and outthink themselves a little too much into it.

This is one of those occasions in wrestling where the conspiracy theories far outreach the truth.

With thanks to Post Wrestling for the transcription.

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