Join the Hooked On Wrestling PPV Predictions League

All the details on how to get involved in the Hooked On Wrestling Predictions League.


Our PPV predictions contests have always been really popular but now we are running them each and every month and you can join in. Can you be the top fan predictor? Can you beat the experts. Here’s how it will work:

  • Each month, in the week before a PPV we will opening a contest to make your predictions on winners of each announced match and other bits and pieces to happen on the PPV. To enter, simply submit your score.
  • We will keep track of the monthly scores on a league table and announce the winner after the last contest which will be WrestleMania 37! This contest is just for fun and naturally, bragging rights forever!
  • In addition, there will be a separate league for the HOW team who will compete against each other across the year. In addition, they will be joined by two extra entries in this league. They are….
  • THE FANS: We will enter the most popular answers to each question as a fan entry in this league. For instance, if 200 of you enter our contest and the match is Edge vs The Fiend, if 101 of you say Edge will win, that will be the answer submitted by ‘The fans’ for that question.
  • SPECIAL GUEST: Each month we will ask a wrestler or wrestling journalist to add their predictions to our PPV Prediction column. Their score will be the ‘VIP Guest’ score for that month.
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So with that in mind, here is your entry form for this month. The contest will close right before the pre-show on Sunday night. Remember, if you want your scores to be collated accurately on the league table each month, you must use the exact same display name and email address each month.

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