Jim Ross On Some AEW Talent: ‘Why Should I Waste My Breath?’

Good Ol’ JR Jim Ross was very outspoken in a recent interview regarding some of the changes that have had to be made in AEW, and his dislike for the attitude some have towards him and the business.

Jim Ross

Many will know that Jim Ross hasn’t just been a wrestling commentator for a long time, and has a lot of involvement in the goings on backstage.

However, it would appear he is unimpressed with some of the talent he currently has to work with in AEW, with them being vocal on their dislike for certain rules.

Speaking with Busted Open Radio, Good Ol’ JR talks about some of the rule changes they’ve had to make and how he sees them as ‘bullsh*t’.

The issue is, not everybody listens. They think that somethings [in the industry] ‘suck’. We don’t have tag ropes anymore because some of our crew think it’s lame. I think it’s bullsh*t. Heels need rules to break. You need shortcuts to gain an unfair advantage. It’s just common sense, it is basic human instincts. The heels when they get out and wrestle? They cheat. It’s never changed, it’s not going to change.

Ross also talked about how he feels some wrestlers don’t listen to him, and at times doesn’t want to waste his time on them.

Most of them listen in and are appreciative. I can tell when their eyes go off the topic. If I’m talking to you and you ain’t looking at me in the eye? You ain’t listening. So why should I waste my breath?

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