Jim Cornette Says Current WWE Faction Are The New Four Horsemen

Controversial wrestling manager Jim Cornette has suggested that the spiritual successors to The Four Horsemen are already active and excelling in WWE.

The Four Horsemen

It has been 20 years since a real incarnation of The Four Horsemen have ridden through wrestling.

Since then, however, the faction’s name has never been far from the collective consciousness of wrestling fans. Whether it be suggesting a faction is a new version of the Horsemen or speculating about the stable being officially being reborn, it is fair to say the legacy of the group is still as strong as ever.

Most recently, rumours have been running wild that AEW are planning a new version of the stable featuring Cody and FTR with original Horseman Arn Anderson in their corner.

Whilst that could still happen, and it could well be awesome, legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette recently revealed that he believes a faction in WWE is as close as there has ever been to a true successor to arguably the best stable ever.

Undisputed Era
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Speaking on his own Jim Cornette Experience podcast, he had the following to say:

“These guys, everybody talks about who’s the updated Horsemen, was it Evolution or was it this or that, these guys are the updated Four Horsemen. And not in any way because one of them is the Flair spot and one of them is the Tully spot and one of them’s the Arn spot or whatever, that’s making fake Horsemen. The whole idea of the Horsemen was four premier in-ring workers that could all cut a heck of a promo and not only hung out together outside the ring but looked like they should, and looked like they’d get along and be a group, and so these guys are the fucking Horsemen. They fit together and they can all go. That doesn’t mean they have to resemble the Horsemen. Every group since then, there has to be four, and you’ve got to attribute okay this one’s the Tully and this one’s the Arn and this one’s whatever, no. Just the concept. Do you now four guys in the business right now together that are better workers that look like they fit together better? Or any kind of faction, not just four but any kind of group.”

He makes a strong point. There are a whole heap of similarities between the two groups, as he states in the quote above. However, the UE have undoubtedly benefited from the lack of direct comparisons which has allowed them to forge their own path.

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After a few weeks of treading water, it certainly seems like the Era are taking a new direction after last week’s NXT. After attacking the tag team champions, Imperium, it feels like a face turn could even be imminent. Time will tell

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