Jeff Cobb Confirms Freelance Status But Teases Imminent Contract Announcement

Jeff Cobb has commented that he wants a contract announcement to be done “the right way”, implying that he has signed with a major company whilst still competing as a freelance wrestler for the time being.

Jeff Cobb

Jeff Cobb was last seen on major television when he was brought in to AEW by Chris Jericho to try and take out Jon Moxley.

Cobb competed independently for Warrior Wrestling this past weekend, however he has now teased a potential contract confirmation.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Cobb commented that he wanted to leave the announcement to the promotion in these crazy times.

Well, technically I’m a free agent until whatever group announces that I signed. I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I was going to make a decision but then this craziness kind of happened. So kind of just laying low until the company announces it, and then we’ll go from there. I want the company to do it so the company will get the recognition. I’d rather them do it that way they can get the spotlight instead of me, and I’ll go from there.

Cobb has recently been involved in the NJPW Strong tournament, but said that “never say never” for where you may appear has never been more prominent than now.

The powerhouse also commended his brief stint with AEW, where he was backstage with many men he knew well.

Well, it was a few months back, but I had fun when I went there. The majority of the guys and gals that are working there I’ve pretty much seen for the past couple years on on the independents, Ring of Honor and New Japan. Coming into that situation was more just like being at an indie show with a way bigger budget.

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