Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Talks Getting Over And Inventing The DDT

Jake Roberts has been interviewed during the lead in to AEW All Out, where he talks about creating the DDT being an accident and talent struggling to get over in the modern wrestling era.

Jake Roberts

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts has been a guest on Chris Van Vliet’s YouTube channel this week and has, among other things, talked about the difficulties today’s talent face when trying to become popular with the crowd.

Roberts is renowned as one of the best workers of the microphone in the business, and was always a popular character with the fans. His promo work was all done with incredible intensity and by barely raising his voice above a whisper.

These days, however, Roberts alludes to the fact that wrestling is more about what goes on in the ring rather than the ability to draw you in with a decent interview.

The talent today, they don’t know how to get over. Wrestling today is all for the visual. In my day, it wasn’t.  It was through the heart. It was emotional. I wanted to hook you up emotionally. The difference is the visual lasts a split second and then the brain wants something fresh. But emotionally, if I hook you one time, I got you for the rest of your life.

In the same interview ‘The Snake’ talked about how his signature DDT finishing move was invented.

It was an accident.  A guy stepped on my foot, we fell backwards and it was born.  I got up one morning to eat breakfast and got a newspaper from USA Today and it said the US government outlaws DDT.  It was a name of a poison that we used to use on crops that was getting in our food chain.  It was really bad stuff.  I heard that and thought, that works.

Roberts is currently signed to AEW as the manager for Lance Archer, who will be taking part in the Casino Battle Royal at AEW All Out which will be taking place this Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Thanks to wrestlingnews.co for the transcription.

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