Jake Roberts Gets Thrown First Wrestling Birthday Party

Jake Roberts has now returned to AEW programming, and Tony Khan was quick to organise something for ‘The Snake’ he’d never had before – a wrestling birthday party!

Jake Roberts

Legendary superstar Jake Roberts has found a new niche for himself with All Elite Wrestling, standing at the side of Lance Archer.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, ‘The Snake’ talks of his delight at being thrown a birthday party by the company, and how much the people behind the scenes there mean to him.

My birthday was in May but I’ll tell you what – AEW was the first wrestling promotion that ever had a birthday party for me. That was pretty cool. They had cake and everything for everybody; it was really nice. The people at AEW are like that – Tony Khan is a wonderful man and a brilliant man. Oh my God, this guy is a thinker. He keeps things moving in the right direction. It’s just a real pleasure being down here.

Roberts has been a key figure on Dynamite, however he was forced to miss some tapings in April due to self-quarantining during the pandemic.

As can be expected from someone who has the wrestling business ingrained in them as much as ‘The Snake’, Roberts is pleased to be able to go back to work so that old habits don’t happen again.

If I have too much idle time, it starts to really play with my head and that’s dangerous because I damn sure don’t wanna go back to doing the things I used to do. So, going to AEW and doing this for 2 or 3 days is a nice break. Of course, I love being around the business anyway so that’s happy birthday to me. I’m having a great time.

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