Is This The End Of Billy Corgan’s NWA?

According to one of those close to Billy Corgan, it would seem he is close to closing down the NWA.

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This year has been tough on the full spectrum of wrestling promotions, however it would certainly seem like Billy Corgan’s relatively recently reformed NWA is among those hardest hit.

As well as not being able to produce TV since January due to the pandemic, company executive David Lagana was implicated in the #SpeakingOut movement, leading to his resignation from the organisation.

When asked in a recent interview with Devon Nicholson of The Hannibal TV, wrestling legend Raven commented that he thinks Corgan has no desire to bring the NWA back after the pandemic and will be closing it down.

I didn’t book for Billy before, I worked with him in the office. I was like his assistant I guess. Me and Billy get along really well. But I think Billy’s shutting it down, from what I hear. I think I hear via the grapevine that Billy’s not opening it back up, he’s really disillusioned. Plus, the thing is, Billy really does the booking. Billy does all the booking. He liked me there to have my wrestling mind to say yay or nay to ideas, if they make sense or they don’t, but ultimately he was the final say on everything, as he should have been.

It would also be some talents have either seen this coming are positioning themselves for it, with Ricky Starks recently making the jump to AEW, the likes of Thunder Rosa teasing making the same move, and TV Champion Zicky Dice leaving the company.

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During the pandemic, the NWA had been producing some alternative content in the form of Carnyland, although this seemingly ended alongside Lagana’s resignation.

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