Is Kairi Sane’s WWE In-Ring Career In Jeopardy?

A concerning and very confusing situation surrounds WWE star Kairi Sane…

Kairi Sane

Photo: WWE

Kairi Sane’s contract status is reported by multiple sources to be “complicated” at the moment, with genuine doubts over an actual in-ring return to WWE television.

Sane has not been seen on TV since she was injured by Nia Jax after being thrown head first into the steel ring steps in early June.

The accident lead to a head laceration so serious, the match ground to a halt so that WWE medics could clean up the blood loss from both Sane and the ringside area.

Sane was also knocked silly during her and Asuka’s match at TLC 2019 against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, leading to some time on the bench.

Fightful have reported that there were already other plans for Sane before the injury:

“Many have been asking about Sane’s contract status. That, we haven’t heard, but as of May, there were plans for her to return to Japan and serve as an ambassador for WWE in Japan. We have been provided no details as to how that would have affected her in-ring career with the company.”

As for whether this was part of the plans for NXT Japan, that remains unclear. However due to COVID-19, WWE cannot complete these plans, at least for the time being.

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It is unclear what this means for Sane. If she is unable to return to in-ring action, it would make sense for her to take on a backstage role.

WWE have not made any statement regarding an update on Sane’s status within the company, however it has been reported that certain members of the company want her to continue wrestling.

So, as it stands, the whole situation is up in the air. Will Sane be refused clearance to return to wrestle for WWE? Were they planning on shifting her role even if she could compete? Have any of those plans been affected by COVID?

Only time will tell. More on this story as it develops.

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