IPW:UK Ceases Operations In Wake Of #SpeakingOut Allegations

IPW:UK have today announced they will no longer be looking to relaunch their promotion in the wake of the #SpeakingOut allegations made against a number of their roster.


IPW:UK today announced via social media that it has cancelled plans for an imminent relaunch and will instead cease operations in the light of the recent #SpeakingOut movement in British wrestling and beyond.

The brand, launched in 2004, was based in Kent, UK and has played host to a number of UK talents over the years including Mark Haskins, Sha Samuels and the late Kris Travis.

The company was purchased in January this year by Paul Hopkins who had vowed to once again run shows under the IPW:UK banner after it was mothballed under previous owner, Billy Wood.

IPW:UK management released a full statement that formally announced the end of the promotion as a going concern that can be read here.

The promotion, which only last week released a new logo ahead of its relaunch, becomes the latest in a long line of companies to take swift action in the light of the the #SpeakingOut movement that has highlighted a number of serious sexual abuse allegations within the wrestling industry over the last week.

Companies such as WWE, AEW, Impact Wrestling and Progress Wrestling among others have announced a number of talents have been terminated or suspended due to allegations made against them. Along with IPW:UK, Chikara in the US have also announced they will cease operations.

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