Updated Report: Is Charlotte Flair Out Until 2021?

After being written off television following an attack from Nia Jax on WWE Raw, Charlotte Flair is facing a lengthy spell out of action.

Charlotte Flair

Credit: WWE

From being all over every brand just a couple of weeks ago, Charlotte Flair will now be absent for an as yet undetermined period of time.

According to reports on Wrestling Observer Radio, that period of time will be 2-3 months with an injury.

Charlotte was involved in a show long angle last night that saw her both attacked by Nia Jax and submitted by Asuka in their bout for the WWE Raw Women’s Title.

Dave Meltzer said, on WOR:

“Charlotte Flair is having surgery, that’s the deal as far as why they did what they did. I think she’s going to be back for Summerslam. I don’t know. I asked a couple of people, and nobody knows the timeframe. She’s definitely having surgery. The storyline [with Nia Jax] was to explain her being gone. It was hinted to me that it could be Summerslam [when she returns], but that’s not 100%.”

Based on that incredibly hedged quote, Meltzer clearly has no more information on the nature of the absence or the timeframe than the rest of us and therefore the 2-3 month timeframe mentioned across various news sites has to be considered an estimate at best.

In fact, subsequent report from the increasingly connected Alex McCarthy at TalkSPORT suggests that we may be looking at an absence of 6 months or more for The Queen. According to McCarthy’s sources, Charlotte will be taking a break to recharge her batteries with a source saying “There’s a 0 percent chance Charlotte returns for SummerSlam.”

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The nature of the storyline write-off does suggest it is months rather than weeks. With Becky Lynch also out of action to pregnancy (Maybe for good?), this leaves WWE without their two biggest female stars.

Whilst this will of course does mean WWE losing even more female star powe, the division remains in good hands with Asuka remaining one of the greatest performers in the world along with Sasha Banks and Bayley in the early stages of what looks like an excellent feud.

It might also prove a long term blessing in disguise for the 12 time women’s champion, who has faced some apathy from fans in recent months due to her perceived dominance of the women’s division.

It may also give an opportunity to newer or underused female wrestlers to break out in the coming weeks and months with up and coming stars like Bianca Belair and Liv Morgan given more space to show what they are capable of.

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