Impact Wrestling Star Rhyno Strongly Hints At Signing Of Heath Slater

On last night’s edition of Impact Wrestling, former world champion Rhyno hinted at the signing of former WWE Tag Team Champion Heath Slater. Is this another recently released star set to join Impact?

Impact Mystery Wrestlers

Based on a segment in last night’s Impact Wrestling broadcast, either Impact are going all in with the heavy teases of WWE talent signing, or one of the most popular tag teams in recent years are getting back together.

In a verbal altercation between Rohit Raju and Rhino, Raju suggested that Rhino should be treating him like a tag team partner.

Rhino’s response: ‘I already have a tag team partner…And he’s got kids!’

Obviously this was a clear nod to his former tag team partner Heath Slater who was released by WWE in April.

Rhino and Slater got together to participate in, and win, the tournament for the Smackdown tag team titles in 2016. Their unlikely alliance captured fans imaginations and the pairing was a big success until they were split up in the following year’s draft lottery.

Photo Credit: WWE

Bringing these two back together would clearly be a good move on Impact’s part as it would no doubt be popular with fans of the promotion and might even draw a few curious eyeballs that remember the duo fondly.

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