Hulk Hogan: Who It’s Hard To Get In WWE, Vince On Hulkamania’s Popularity

Hulk Hogan has commented on how he finds it hard to understand the way some characters are good and bad in the modern era.

Hulk Hogan WrestleMania IX

Hulk Hogan will be a part of tonight’s Legends Night on WWE Raw.

However, it seems he doesn’t fully understand the way some characters work in the modern day.

Speaking to ESPN, Hogan discussed how he feels The Miz is someone it’s particularly difficult to get when he is also appearing on Miz & Mrs.

When there is a grey area, it confuses the fans, you know? Look at The Miz. They got him as a bad guy. For me, I got a different opinion of him. It’s hard to hate someone when, in the next hour, he’s changing diapers and kissing his wife on another show. So it’s a little confusing to me, but I’m sure they know where they’re going with their storyline.

I don’t like the grey areas myself. I like the old-school confrontation of good versus evil.

Hogan also explained the reason why Hulkamania became quite so popular.

He even did an impersonation of what Vince McMahon looks for, and how he was the only one in his era.

That’s because for 20 years, there wasn’t a Stone Cold or a Rock or a John Cena. It was just me, every day, and sometimes twice on Saturday. I’d wrestle 400 times a year. It was crazy. The timing was so perfect for me because of how hot wrestling was. The cover of Sports Illustrated. The craziness of [the first] WrestleMania. It all just took off like a rocket.

It’s hard to recapture that. We blazed such a trail that it’s hard for the young guys to follow that trail. It’s like what Vince McMahon always says [does Vince impression]: ‘Hogan, I’m always looking for an attraction.’ That’s because we branded something in Vince’s mind where he’s always looking for that next big thing, that hood ornament.

There’s no word yet on what Hogan will be doing on Legends Night, but his interactions will hopefully involve some of this new generation and help elevate the modern day stars.

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