Has Miro (Rusev) Retired From Wrestling?

Fans have been eagerly anticipating which wrestling company Miro/Rusev will show up in next. According to the man himself the answe might be…none of them! Has he retired?


Of all the wrestlers who were released from WWE on ‘Black Wednesday’ in April, most would agree that the star with the most potential to thrive elsewhere was Rusev.

Like many before him, Rusev seemed to have the complete package of image, charisma and fan support that could (should?) have seen him at the very top of WWE.

It had been clear for some time however, that for whatever reason, it just wasn’t going to happen for the newly christened Miro in WWE and the pandemic induced releases on April 15th probably just hastened a departure that was coming anyway.

Since the expiry of his no-compete clause earlier in July, anticipation has been building about where Miro would crop up next. Would he show up at Slammiversary? Could he appear in AEW? Might he even be part of NJPW? The possibilities were mouth-watering.

According to the man himself though, we may all be sorely disappointed.

On a recent Twitch stream, Miro seemingly announced he is now a former wrestler. He said:

I’m done. I’m done with wrestling. I’m a professional Twitcher now.

Short, sweet and sharp. Could those eleven words make the end of the career of one of the most under-utilised wrestlers of recent years?

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Perhaps. Or perhaps he’s just toying with fans he knows hang on his every word and he will turn up on Dynamite tonight?

It goes without saying that we sincerely hope his tongue is firmly in his cheek. If not, we might start to think 2020 might not be fixing to be a great year…

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