Former WWE Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss To Launch New Podcast

WWE have announced that Alexa Bliss will be joining Corey Graves and The New Day in their stable of podcast hosts as a new show, ‘Uncool’ is set to debut.

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WWE announced a new addition to their podcast network this week. Alexa Bliss will launch her ‘Uncool’ podcast on September 22nd.

The podcast will focus on Bliss and her guests reminiscing about their awkward encounters and incidents from before they were famous.

The Miz will be the first guest and other guests lined up include Nikki & Brie Bella, Taylor Hanson, Jon Heder and Ryan Cabrera.

The press release describes the podcast as follows:

“Uncool will take listeners down memory lane by reliving embarrassing, quirky tween moments and reminiscing about younger years while offering laughs along the way,” said Bliss. “Fans will get to see just how cool it is to be uncool.”

Bliss is also described as a ‘Disney fanatic who loves all things 90s and early 2000s’ so it is a good bet it will focus on that time period – so we’re sold!

The podcast will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all major platforms.

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