Former WWE Superstar Rusev On News Coverage Of Wife Lana. Says Dave Meltzer Is ‘Going To Hell’

Former WWE superstar Miro (Rusev) has hit out at Dave Meltzer for alleged lies in his reporting on his wife Lana’s role in WWE’s recent ban on third party activity.


Photo Credit: WWE

The dominant story in the wrestling world this weekend has been the WWE’s recent ban on their superstars working with third party companies such as Twitch and Cameo.

The edict was made directly by Vince McMahon who cited the need to be able to protect the WWE brand and usage of their intellectual property (the superstars’ images) outside of the WWE bubble. You can read the original story here and WWE’s statement here.

Following the reporting of the initial news story, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer wrote that the reason for the new rule being passed was in fact Lana (CJ Perry) and her recent endorsement deal with an energy drink company. He called it ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’.

Lana soon tweeted a strongly worded response to this report, denying that this was the case.

Now Perry’s husband, Miro (known as Rusev in WWE) has commented in furious terms on his own Twitch channel. He has slammed Meltzer’s reporting as lies and suggested this is the latest in a line of untruths printed by the Observer. He was quoted as saying:

“Oh the f***er. The motherf***er. What’s his friggin’ face… Meltzer. Once again, putting out bullshit out there and I’m f***ing tired of this f***ing guy. Like honestly man, like get the F out of here. Like who the F are you to speak things like that? Cause first of all those are not true, those are all bullshit lies. This man, one day he’s gonna burn in hell. Like it’s 100%. Meltzer, go ahead, collect everybody’s money. Collect their 10 dollars, 20 dollars. Whatever the hell you want. But let me tell you, once you die, most likely you are gonna go to hell because of all your lies.”

The story about third party deals will be in the headlines for some time yet and clearly Rusev is keen that his wife is not positioned as the lighting rod for criticism going forward.

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