Former TNA World Champion Abyss Makes Surprise Appearance On SmackDown

A skit on this week’s SmackDown between Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles saw the WWE debut of beloved former TNA Champion Abyss. Just a cameo or the debut of a regular character?

Smackdown Set

Photo Credit: WWE

We admit, that’s one hell of a clickbaity headline but we just couldn’t resist a bit of a silly tease with this!

Last night’s Smackdown saw the WWE on-screen debut of one Chris Parks, better known to most as former TNA World Champion Abyss.

Chris Parks, as is his given name, has been working as a backstage producer since January 2019. It is a role he had previously held alongside his on-screen obligations in TNA and by all accounts, his work in WWE has garnered rave reviews.

On last night’s Smackdown, Parks appeared on screen as part of the angle with AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy that led to an Intercontinental Title Match on next week’s show.

His first appearance was in conversation with Styles backstage before he accompanied Styles to the ring to unveil the Phenomenal Intercontinental Statistic System (P.I.S.S for short, naturally) to determine that Styles’ next challenger would be…nobody.

When Hardy came to the ring, it meant we had three former TNA World Champions in the ring at once. When the action got physical, Parks’ administrator character was nowhere to be seen.

It seems the character on screen was Joseph Park, based on how AJ referred to him and some post-Show social media banter.

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Even the ‘WWE on Fox’ Twitter account couldn’t resist getting involved with the insider japes.

In his later TNA years, Parks often played the Joseph Park character. A bungling legal expert and Abyss’ storyline brother (or were they one and the same with psychiatric problems?). The character was extremely well recieved by audiences. Could a version of Joseph Park be here to stay in WWE, or was this a one off? Time will tell. Either way, this is another example of a TNA character becoming WWE canon and that is awesome.

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