Former Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock Comments on Raw Underground, Tells WWE: ‘Give Me A Call’

A former WWE Intercontinental champion has suggested that the company give him a call to participate in the new Raw Underground concept.

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Credit: WWE

Raw Underground is attracting a lot of chatter around the wrestling world, some good, some bad.

Fans have been quick to offer their opinion and now former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock has thrown his hat in the ring and told WWE to ‘give me a call’

Sadly, it doesn’t sound like UFC Hall of Famer Shamrock is looking to compete. Instead he wants to offer WWE some assistance in making the Fight Club style fights look legitimate.

Worked style shoot fights are something Shamrock has significant experience in from various ‘Lion’s Den’ style gimmick matches in WWE and also his stint in the Pancrase MMA promotion that was famed for promoting ‘fights’ in this manner.

Shamrock himself hasn’t been part of WWE since being released from his contract way back in 1999. Since then he has fluctuated between time in other wrestling companies and MMA organisations. Right now he is regularly featured on Impact Wrestling.

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Photo Credit: WWE

In all seriousness, there are probably few better than Shamrock at co-ordinating fights in this format. If WWE are serious about making Raw Underground an ongoing proposition, they could do a lot worse than taking him up on his offer.

Of course, the idea of Shamrock being a participant is also tantalising. The idea of the grizzled veteran shoot-fighter turning up to test the young lions of modern day WWE in a contest made for his style would be a wonderful plot within this new creation.

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