Fans Tip Football’s Fernando Torres For WWE Tryout After Bulking Up Physique

Imagine this man walking through the WWE curtain as entrant #30 in the Royal Rumble!

Fernando Torres

Remember Fernando Torres? The prolific striker who banged them in for Atletico Madrid, Liverpool and (after a slow start) Chelsea?

The Spanish striker is retired from football now after a fantastic career, but he clearly hasn’t lost his drive for self-improvement, judging by photos taken this week as part of a new endorsement deal:

Given WWE’s recent widening of their net to recruit various athletes from other realms (Ronda Rousey, Tyson Fury, Ridge Holland and more), we can think of worse eye-catching hires the company could make. They’ve already had ex-goalkeepers Stuart Tomlinson and Tim Wiese appear very briefly on their shows as performers.

Now, there’s not actually been any interest shown in Torres by any wrestling company so far. But of course that didn’t stop some jokers on social media from speculating about what this new hench version of Fernando could achieve:

It’s hard to imagine Torres not fitting in nicely as a WWE Superstar. After all, his shock move from Liverpool to Chelsea was one of soccer’s great heel turns. And Gary Neville’s reaction on commentary to his crucial Champions League semi-final goal against Barcelona in 2012 would make Jim Ross proud.

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