Eva Marie Moved To Active Roster On WWE Website After Surprisingly Being In Alumni Section

It’s by no means set in stone, but it seems Eva Marie may have returned to WWE for a very short period of time as her profile now appears in the alumni section of the company’s website.

Eva Marie

Credit: WWE

Earlier today it was reported that Eva Marie’s bio on the WWE website was listed in the alumni section.

After the story picked up some steam, the profile was moved to the active Raw roster.

In her first week back Marie enlisted the help of Doudrop, who everyone other than the commentary team knew as NXT UK’s Piper Niven.

On the most recent WWE Raw, Doudrop left Marie to fight by herself and eventually lose a tag match to Asuka and Naomi.

So it would seem that this was an oversight rather than a sign of her return being extremely short.

Pretty major oversight for a returning star they hyped so much, huh?

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