Erick Rowan Reveals What Was Supposed To Be In His Cage

Former WWE superstar Erick Rowan sat down with Sportskeeda this week to discuss the original plans for his mystery cage storyline.

Erick Rowan

Like many of the WWE Universe towards the end of last year, and the beginning of 2020 we were expected to be intrigued by the the mystery contents of the cage which Erick Rowan was carrying around on WWE TV.

Rowan whose real name is Joseph Ruud revealed to Sportskeeda the original creative that WWE had for this storyline;

“Originally it was pitched that it would be a rodent or a rat and it was going to be killed by the babyface Champion to show that I had cared about something and that babyface turned heel, so that didn’t work. Well ok, then I asked them what is it now, then they just kept extending it, extending it and extending it.”

There were several ideas which Rowan pitched to the WWE creative team including Paul Heyman, and unfortunately his ideas didn’t seem to resonate.

Fans continued to wonder what was in the cage, and it was eventually revealed to be a giant, fake spider which for many was a creative disappointment, and the storyline and spider were killed off the following week.

Rowan revealed that the idea he had pitched was to have a much bigger cage and to put the world’s smallest woman Jyoti Amage from American Horror Story inside to sell the idea that he was protecting her. However this idea would prove to be too far-fetched in the cautious PG era WWE programming currently resides in.

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Rowan was released from WWE back on April 15th this year as a result of a purge by the company cutting and furloughing several talent and staff.

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