Eric Young: Impact Wrestling ‘Was On Life Support’ And WWE’s ‘Show Is Broken’

Eric Young has been very vocal about his time in WWE during his first interview since returning to Impact Wrestling, and praises the stars who stayed at Impact for keeping the company alive.

Eric Young

It’s been a busy week for Eric Young, having made his return to Impact Wrestling at Sunday’s Slammiversary

He’s since taken the time to talk to Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray on the Busted Open podcast about what it felt like to be back in Impact Wrestling.

It’s cool to be part of a group that feels like it’s a team rather than a bunch of individuals again. I’ve always got that vibe from there, especially now. I was saying to Scott [D’Amore] this weekend, people that have been there the last four or five years should be super proud of what they’ve done. They took the company from obscurity, they had no TV and it was on life support, and they brought it back.

The discussion then moved on to talk about his time in WWE, where he was glowing about his time in NXT and working with HHH where he “felt I had a say on what was going on, not the final say but I was certainly listened to and contributed”.

However, when it came to moving up to the main roster he calls the show flawed, and talked about how he would tell Vince McMahon that himself.

The system is broken, it’s hard to get a word in. Even when you’re doing nothing, it feels like you’re jus trying to fix people’s mistakes all day. There’s no creativity, they want everyone to do everything the same, be the same, bump the same, sell the same. There’s millions of rules which I’m sure you guys have all heard, the secret rules and those change daily. It’s really hard to understand what’s going on and why it’s going on. The system is flawed, and I would say that to anyone there, I would say it to Vince himself.

In a similar vein, the former TNA World Champion had a lot to say for how he would handle himself backstage when it came to talking to WWE’s owner, and how he feels the show is broken if there wasn’t five minutes to fit him in.

We had two pretty decently long conversations and I thought they went well and he understood where I was coming from. But I’m a man and I’m not going to stand in a hallway for four hours to talk to him.  I’m just not going to do that, and that could be wrong on my part, that could be stubborn. But I’m a 40 year old man and I’m not going to wait in the hallway like a child to maybe get five minutes to talk to him. I told him, I said my piece to him, he seemed to be responsive to it, and nothing ever came from it. I don’t take it personally. He made a mistake, and as a leader of the company and the person who decides everything it’s a massive mistake to pass on me. You have a three-hour television show and you can’t find five minutes for Eric Young? Your show is broken. It’s as simple as that.

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