Eric Bischoff Confirms Part In Two Episodes Of New Dark Side Of The Ring

Eric Bischoff has been a part of the filming for the next series of Dark Side Of The Ring, and will seemingly be a part of two episodes.

Eric Bischoff

Dark Side Of The Ring will not be everyone’s cup of tea given that it can be an expose of what happens behind the scenes, but it is certainly interesting and has garnered a cult following.

Eric Bischoff has spoken in a recent edition of his 83 Weeks Podcast about two episodes he has been involved in for the next series.

‘Easy E’ will seemingly have a say in an episode about Brian Pillman, as well as the NJPW Vs WCW show at The Tokyo Dome in 1991.

I did two things. One was the trip over to North Korea, they’re doing a story about that. I was also part of the Brian Pillman project.

This clearly isn’t a huge amount to go on, however given the popularity the series has garnered, knowing that Bischoff is already involved in the next series is a pretty decent update.

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