Enzo Amore Provides Update On Former Tag-Team Partner Big Cass

In an interview with Sportkeeda, Enzo Amore has opened up about his friend Big Cass’ ongoing battle with mental health. According to nZo, it is a battle he is winning.

Enzo & Big Cass

Photo Credit: WWE

As wrestling fans, we have to deal with a lot of less than happy endings when it comes to personal struggles within the business.

That’s why it is always great to be able to report on something positive, such as this update on Big Cass an his ongoing battle with his mental health.

Big Cass, alongside his partner Enzo Amore formed one of the most popular acts to come out of NXT. The duo made their main roster debut in 2016, translating their popularity to the main roster.

Unfortunately, a 2017 split saw both men lose significant momentum and Cass, real name William Morrissey, was released from WWE in June 2018, reportedly due to behavioural issues.

It has been just under a year since CaZXL (fka Big Cass) made a public appearance. At the same time, he also left social media, posting this farewell on his Twitter:

Many of his fans were concerned for the former WWE star as he has been very open about his past issues with depression and addiction.

Thankfully though, CaZXL’s former tag partner nZo (fka Enzo Amore) told Gary Cassidy from SportsKeeda in a recent interview that Cass is doing fine.

“Oh, man, he’s in the best shape of his life, bro. I saw him… I was Facetiming with him. He was in the mirror, for sure, showing me what he’s been doing. We have that type of relationship but, at the same time, I’m like, ‘Come on, bro, take it easy, dude. I believe you,’ you know what I mean? ‘I know you’re putting the work in, I’m proud of you, buddy, I’m proud of you.’

Cassidy went on to ask nZo if we would see a reformation of the popular tag team in the future:

“Lord only knows what the future holds. If our palms are sweaty or our hands are strong, brother. I can’t tell you what the future holds, I can just tell you I’m blessed right now.”

Certainly good news for CaZXL and we are happy to hear he is doing well.

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