Edge on WWE WrestleMania Match: ‘Randy And I Winged It’

WWE Hall Of Famer Edge recently appeared on Pete Rosenberg’s podcast to explain how his match at WrestleMania 36 was highly improvised despite its unique setting.

Randy Orton vs Edge

Edge was a guest this week on occasional WWE contributor Pete Rosenberg’s Cheap Heat Podcast.

He talked about numerous topics on the podcast with one in particular striking a chord; his WrestleMania match with Randy Orton.

According to Edge, the bulk of the match was supposed to take place outside but filming during the day (While the PPV was to take place after dark) scuppered that plan. Edge said:

“A lot of what Randy and I had to do on that day was on the fly because a lot of our plans involved going outside and going on the roof with the Performance Center and all of these things fall by the time we filmed. It was still daylight. When it’s going to air it’s not. 

Okay crap, we got a wing it so what you saw was two guys without saying a word to each other winging 41 minutes or whatever of a fight. So everything could have been hurt so we just had to go. What you got was two guys just going in and fighting.”

The WrestleMania match was a unique effort that ended on the roof of a production truck inside the PC. Edge’s comments about the whole thing being done on the fly should be taken with a pinch of salt. There were way too many camera angles needed across a complex environment to make it completely freestyle. However, two experienced performers who know each other so well were most likely trusted to structure the match however they wished within production constraints.

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Edge is currently out injured with a torn triceps after the rematch with Orton (The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever) at Backlash.

The entire interview can be seen below:

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