Eddie Kingston Makes Big Debut As Cody’s TNT Title Challenger On AEW Dynamite

Eddie Kingston, recently of NWA Powerrr, has made his debut for AEW as Cody Rhodes’ opponent for the TNT Championship.

Cody's TNT Championship Open Challenge

This week’s edition of AEW Dynamite kicked off with TNT Television champion Cody’s weekly open challenge – and his opponent left fans buzzing and Twitter trending.

The open challenge was answered by well-known independent wrestling veteran Eddie Kingston, last seen as a regular on NWA’s Powerrr television show.

Kingston, renowned among diehard fans for his promo prowess, took the mic after the reveal and viciously ripped into Cody with an embittered monologue about how he has “grinded” for years to get to this point.

Eddie then demanded the title match have no disqualifications, asking Cody if he was an “egg-sucking dog or an egg-sucking b**ch” in a reference to taunts the great Terry Funk would aim at Cody’s father, the legendary Dusty Rhodes.

The match itself ran 11:20 and saw the champion retain in a violent match that included a bag of thumbtacks being introduced. The finish saw Cody re-apply a figure-four leglock in an area of the ring covered with the sharp objects, meaning both he and Kingston were right on top of them in quite the visual.

And the entire segment pretty quickly led to #SignEddieKingston trending on Twitter.

With the NWA’s weekly operations appearing to be no more, Kingston’s appearance comes hot on the heels of AEW also bringing in Ricky Starks from the company. Starks was also on this week’s Dynamite.

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Kingston also spent a decent amount of time in Impact Wrestling and was a key figure during the peak years of CHIKARA, serving as their first ever Grand Champion. He regularly came over and wrestled in the UK for PROGRESS, RevPro and more.

Some of his finest promo work has handily been compiled in the below video:

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