Drew McIntyre Responds to Challenge From Tyson Fury

‘The Gypsy King’ seems keen to return to a WWE ring amidst his continued online sparring with Drew McIntyre. Today, the WWE Champion has again respo

Drew McIntyre

Photo: WWE

Yesterday, Tyson Fury sent out a video challenging current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre to a match.

The WWE Champion has taken little time in responding to ‘The Gypsy King’, posting the following Tweet earlier today:

As reported yesterday, this match could come about due to potential changes to Fury’s boxing schedule, including rumours that his contest with Deontay Wilder could be put on hold until fans could be in attendance.

However, with WWE confirming during last night’s Payback Kickoff show that McIntyre is currently out from the punts by Randy Orton or Raw last week, there could be a slow build to Fury’s return to a WWE ring.

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