Dark Side Of The Ring To Feature In UK On New Channel 4 Service

With the third series yet to air in the UK, it looks like Dark Side Of The Ring has a new home as part of Channel 4’s new true crime platform.

Dark Side Of The Ring

Channel 4 have today announced the launch of a True Crime platform, and confirmed that Dark Side Of The Ring will be part of it.

Dark Side Of The Ring has proven to be an extremely popular series, which Channel 4 has purchased from Vice for its new True Crime On 4 platform.

In a story by The Guardian, it has been confirmed that content on the platform “will offer a mix of commissions, archive and acquisitions on Channel 4, All 4 and its social media accounts”.

Dark Side Of The Ring is in its third series, and has been an insightful albeit sometimes difficult watch so far.

The first half of the third series is yet to air in the UK, and with an Autumn launch planned for the platform there’s every chance that’ll be included.

That would include episodes on the likes of Brian Pillman, The Dynamite Kid and The Ultimate Warrior.

The second half is set to air in the US in September and feautres episodes on the likes of Luna Vachon and ‘The Plane Ride From Hell’.

With the back catalogue also likely to be shown, it’ll be another chance to watch the first two series on the likes of Chris Benoit, Jimmy Snuka, The Road Warriors and Owen Hart.

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We will keep you up to date as and when specific air dates are announced.

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