Daniel Bryan Returns To WWE SmackDown

WWE have announced that Daniel Bryan will make his return on this week’s ‘season premiere’ of SmackDown. It will be his first appearance since June.

Daniel Bryan

Credit: WWE

Yes! Yes! Yes!

This week’s Friday Night SmackDown will see the long awaited return of Daniel Bryan to WWE.

As announced by WWE, Bryan will be back on TV for the first time since June. His last appearance was a loss to AJ Styles in the Intercontinental Championship tournament.

Credit: WWE

Whilst never confirmed, the assumption is that Bryan elected to remain away from television during the early reaches of the pandemic.

It was strongly hinted during the draft that Bryan’s return was imminent. Whilst most long term absent stars were not included in the draft process, Bryan notably was. It therefore becomes less of a surprise to see him make his return.

The brand he comes back to is a very different beast to the one he left. AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, The Fiend and others are gone. Roman Reigns is suddenly the most evil dude in WWE and talent like Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio are now on the blue team.

It will be fascinating to see where Bryan fits when he steps foot in the Thunderdome for the first time.

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