Does WWE Have A WrestleMania ‘Plan B’ For The Rock?

It would appear WWE have already thought of a contingency in case The Rock isn’t able to have the desired singles match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas.

The Rock

There has been plenty of speculation that The Rock will be in action at WrestleMania 38, with WWE lining up a family feud match against Roman Reigns to take place in Dallas.

However, the latest reports claim that WWE have a backup plan if a singles match can’t happen for any reason.

According to Dave Meltzer at The Wrestling Observer, there is a contingency to turn it in to a tag match.

One idea that has been talked about, as the goal is Reigns and Rock in Dallas for the 2022 Mania, is that if concessions have to be made regarding Rock and movies and injury fears, that they do Reigns and an Uso vs. Rock and an Uso, so Rock can be protected from doing too much and it keeps it all in the family with the idea and Rock and Reigns as who is really the tribal chief. Obviously the singles match is the preferred match but any involvement of Rock is preferred over him not doing the show

Whilst it’s understandable that WWE may be forced to go down that route, a singles match would certainly be more of a draw.

WrestleMania 38 will take place at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas on Sunday, 3rd April 2022, which will be a landmark moment after two years of limited and no crowd showcases.

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