Corey Graves Returns To NXT Commentary At TakeOver

It looks like we can expect to hear some familiar dulcet tones during NXT TakeOver tonight.

Corey Graves

With just hours before NXT TakeOver XXX, Triple H has mentioned a return which will take place on tonight’s broadcast.

Corey Graves will be at ringside calling the action, having been at ringside for the first NXT: Arrival.

The announcement was made during a live stream earlier in the evening, where Triple H spoke of Graves’ desire to be at ringside for the event.

Corey Graves did commentary on the very first NXT: Arrival. He was here doing commentary. He’s going to be here tonight as a special guest doing commentary. He begged and pleaded to a part of it. He’s going to be here all night.

Graves is a regular on WWE’s ‘main brand’ shows, however established himself with the black and gold brand and will no doubt be looking to create some gold alongside the established team tonight.

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