Confusion Over Several Titles Following WWE Extreme Rules Event

Following WWE’s Extreme Rules event, the future of several championships is up in the air following some confusing outcomes to several matches on the card.

Bobby Lashley & MVP

WWE Extreme Rules was a fairly strong show when it came to in ring action, making it an enjoyable watch.

However the booking of the majority of the matches was somewhat confusing with its ambiguity making it not intriguing but rather simply unsatisfying.

In particular, the fate of two titles coming out of the event will leave audiences scratching their heads as to what WWE was looking to achieve.

The first of the two is the slightly more straightforward of the two.

MVP has been carrying the new version of the US Title since the belt was introduced on TV. His challenge against the real champion, Apollo Crews did not take place as announced at Extreme Rules.

Crews was not to be seen at the show, which is perhaps not entirely unexpected. He has been absent from the last two weeks of Raw so missing this show should have been foreseen. We can all draw our own conclusions as to why this might be.

As a result, MVP declared himself the winner and the true US Champion. Whilst the announcers did make clear that Crews remained the champion, it remains to be seen what happens going forward.

Photo Credit: WWE

The second title with an unclear future is the Raw women’s title. The show saw Asuka put the title on the line against Sasha Banks.

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The match, as you would imagine, was a good one. The finish was designed to add confusion into the picture with Sasha ‘winning’ the match and the title. However, with the decisive pinfall counted by Banks’ ally Bayley rather than the bout’s appointee official, we don’t know whether the result stands.

For now, Banks has possession of the title belt itself, making her WWE’s latest champ-champ, in her mind at least.

Attention now turns to Raw tonight to see whether the future of either belt is made clearer.

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