Combined Women’s Promotion Launched In Japan; First Event Sells Out

A really unique concept has just launched in Japan, where multiple women’s promotions will work together with an initial show on 1st October.

Joshi Assemble Logo

Most wrestling promotions see anything close to them as the competition. However, in Japan a unique situation has occurred where multiple Joshi promotions are now working together to put on shows.

The shows, named as Assemble, will include promotions such as Sendai Girls, Marvelous Wrestling, OZ Academy, PURE-J, SEAdLINNNG, and T-HEARTS.

The promotion will debut at Ueno Park on 1st October, and unsurprinsgly for something so unique the event has already sold out.

With many of these companies also having links to predominantly male promotions in Japan, how this link will work going forward could be a very interesting development for the wrestling world.

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