Cody Rhodes Says Sammy Guevara “Will Return”

Cody Rhodes has taken to Twitter to state that Sammy Guevara will return to AEW and expects him to be a changed man when he does.

Sammy Guevara

Cody Rhodes has confirmed on Twitter that suspended superstar Sammy Guevara “will return” to AEW Dynamite.

Guevara was suspended without pay recently as some controversial comments that he made on a podcast resurfaced online. The offensive comments were directed at WWE star Sasha Banks.

After the comments were brought to light, AEW issued a statement:

However, yesterday on Twitter, Cody replied to a fan’s request to “reinsert” Sammy Guevara to AEW with this comment:

Currently, Guevara is undergoing sensitivity training and his pay is being donated to the Women’s Centre of Jacksonville. There has been no information on when this will be completed or when we could see Guevara make his return.

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