Chris Jericho Calls AEW Title Belt ‘Meaningless’

On his weekly Saturday night YouTube show, former AEW Champion Chris Jericho has taken aim at the number of title belts in wrestling. And his current employers don’t escape criticism.

Chris Jericho

Photo Credit: WWE

Chris Jericho’s ‘Saturday Night Special’ YouTube show has recently become a tremendous source of both entertainment and headlines. This week’s installment was no exception.

As well as taking aim at an ‘NXT spy leaking AEW Dynamite spoilers, Jericho voiced his opinion on the overabundance of title belts in wrestling.

With regards to his own company, it seems he is fairly content with their range of championships, with one exception – The FTW Title:

“So I like the fact that in AEW we have the World Title and now we have the TNT Title and then we have a Women’s Title and Tag Team Titles for guys. I think it should stay there. If you want to do Women’s Tag Team Titles, that’s fine. We need to expand the division a bit but other than that, we don’t need any more titles. The FTW Title even is too much. It doesn’t mean anything. Who cares? That’s just me, but maybe some people care. It seems to me it’s not even a real title. So, anyway, you don’t want to muddle it down too much.”

Photo Credit: AEW

The FTW title was originally a staple of Taz’s character in ECW. It was brought back recently by the former Human Suplex Machine as a means to add some shine to his managerial charge, Brian Cage.

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Jericho however reserved his most direct criticism, unsurprisingly, for his former employees in WWE. Of their abundance of title belts he said:

“I don’t think we need [too many] titles. The one thing sometimes that kind of muddles down wrestling companies, and I really found this one when Raw and SmackDown split back in the early 2000s, the world champion is the world champion. You can have two of them. There’s a Raw champion, there’s a SmackDown champion, there’s a Raw Intercontinental Champion, a SmackDown US Champion. There’s too fucking many titles.”

The full Q&A session can be watched on Jericho’s YouTube channel now.

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